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About Us

A piece of Italy in the Avon Valley.

Mischievous, adventurous and always looking for fun, even as children, Steven and Glenn Dodge were always playing by their own rules.  The wonderful duality of leading each other astray and having each other’s back is the backbone of Bent Ridge Winery and Bent Nail Brewery.

Whether they were running from charging bulls, hitchhiking across the province or “borrowing” Dad's car for a road trip at 15 years old the Bros. Dodge has never let convention deter them from enjoying life. 

Built on the same family farm that has been part of many of their exploits, the winery, brewery, and Cucina is the most recent adventure of the Bros. Dodge.

"We built Bent Ridge Winery and Bent Nail Brewery as a destination that captured the eclectic mix of people, locations and events that shape our lives.​ A small-batch winery and craft brewery, surrounded by vineyards and apple orchards in the beautiful Avon Valley, Bent Ridge and Bent Nail offers guests a unique escape and a great way to spend an hour or an afternoon tasting wines and beers in our Italian inspired restaurant.


Our passion for making high-quality wine, beer and food is matched only by our love of hosting our guests.” 

The Bros. Dodge


Bent Ridge Solarium Extended



The six-acre land on which Bent Ridge Winery sits has been in the family since 1862.  It was originally home to Glenn’s and Steven’s Great-Great-Grandfather Daniels. The land has since been passed through four generations of proud farmers and is now overseen by Steven and Glenn Dodge. Though born and raised in the Halifax peninsula, the Brothers Dodge came back to their roots, trading in their briefcases for tractors and farm tools keeping the family lineage of farmers alive.  The land is now growing 6,700 Marquette grapevines, planted by the brothers in 2009. Since then, Steven and Glenn have relied on many helping hands from family and friends to build a welcoming, Italian inspired winery made for you to come in, sit back and relax with a glass of wine or beer.

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