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Since the Bent Nail is a Pico Brewery (which means it’s really small)

we can brew many different brews depending on the season. 

Our what's on tap section changes regularly so check back here or on social media. 

About Bent Nail Brewery


Bent Nail Brewery _ Family

Bent Nail Brewery is located in Windsor Forks in Nova Scotia’s Avon Valley and is built on farmland that has been in our family’s name since 1862. 


The story of Bent Nail started a long time ago when we were just kids.  Our parents were having our home renovated and every night our father would walk around the house and gather all the nails that the carpenters had discarded.  Our father, a collector of anything deemed reusable, held on to those nails for a few years until one day, he sat us down in the driveway next to a cinder block, handed us hammers and told us to straighten out the nails if we wanted to earn our weekly allowance. We obeyed.

We soon learned that the result of this small and tedious task was literally the foundation of a much larger project.  These recycled yet mighty nails were used to build our family cottage on the Northumberland Strait and was appropriately named The Bent Nail.  


To pay homage to our loving mother and father for their guidance, ingenuity, and frugality, we named our brewery, BENT NAIL.

What's On Tap


GROWLERS (1.89L) $21 REFILL $13

GRUNTERS (0.95L) $13 REFILL $8


ABV 6.1%

Hoppy, bitter and moderately strong. Retaining the dry finish and lean body (that make IPA's so drinkable), this IPA has a slight citrus taste.


ABV 5%
A slightly hop forward, thirst quenching American Pale Ale that is perfect for that afternoon activity; before, during and after!

A very refreshing brew that finishes clean and dry.


ABV 4.3%
A traditional North England Brown Ale that is rich in malt but balanced with a firm bitterness provided by the legendary East Kent Golding Hop! Expect a rich malt flavour provided by the Maris Otter malt, accentuated by a chocolate/caramel note and a just touch of roast. The malt is balanced with just the right amount of bitterness making this a very easy drinking Brown Ale.



ABV 5.4%
Earthy & nutty oat flavours, along with a balanced sweetness, a mild note of coffee and dark chocolate, rounded off with a medium hop bitterness makes this stout an enjoyable yet complex brew. The dark brown colour and thick and creamy tan head gives a velvety smooth mouth feel... perfect for breakfast .. lunch.. or dinner.

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