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Slightly Bent White Blend 750 ml

2019 ABV 12.8%


Bright and approachable, this off-dry white wine blend of Vidal, Riesling and L'Acadie Blanc has intense aromas and flavours of green apples and pear, a slight sweetness and floral notes from the Vidal grape and a hint of minerality from the Riesling creates the perfect balance. Enjoy this wine with creamy pastas, seafood, or simply on its own.

Chardonnay White 750 ml

2019 ABV 12.7%


Our unoaked Chardonnay has pleasant aromas of yellow apple and pineapple and is medium bodied with spice and lemon notes on the palate. Pairs well with creamy cheese such as Brie.


Piegato Rosé 750 ml

2019 ABV 12.4%


Made from a blend of Vidal and Marquette grapes, our rosé is dry, refreshing and bright. It has notes of cranberry and tart cherry on the palate with inviting aromas of meadow herb and white strawberry. The balance of dryness and fruit forward flavour allows this wine to pair with smoked salmon, mild or creamy cheeses and eggs benedict.

Contorto Marquette Red 750 ml

2019 ABV 13.5%


This dry red wine has inviting aromas of vanilla, baking spices and stewed plum. On the palate, it follows through with dark fruit such as blackberry and dark cherry. Pair this wine with pork tenderloin, pasta, or gourmet pizza.


Reserve Marquette Red 750 ml
2019 ABV 13.5%


Aged for 18 months in American Oak barrels, our rustic medium bodied red wine is integrated with oak and moderate tannins with notes of blackberry and black currant. Pair this wine with smoky ribs, tomato based pasta, or a hardy gourmet pizza.

1762 Appassimento Style Marquette Red 750 ml

2018   ABV 14.8%


One of our most popular reds, our appassimento-style red has an intense smoked oak aroma with notes of dark fruit, stewed black current and caramel on the palate with a tannic finish that pleasantly lingers.

1762 Appassimento Style Marquette Red 750 ml

2019 ABV 14.8%


Another great year for our 1762 Marquette, our appassimento-style red still has an intense smoked oak aroma with notes of dark fruit, stewed black current and caramel on the palate with a tannic finish that pleasantly lingers.


1761 Recioto Style Marquette Red 375 ml

2017 ABV 16.3%


Our Recioto-style red dessert wine is inspired from the Veneto region in Italy. Aromas of sweet cedar, smoked coconut and dried figs followed by flavours of dried sugar plum, all-spice, cacao and toasted almonds. Best served chilled. After dinner, pair alongside blue cheese, dark chocolate or biscotti.

Marquette Grapes


Much or our wine making philosophy stems from a belief that you can't make great wine without great grapes. When we decided to start a vineyard in 2009 we experimented with a few grape varietals and quickly discovered how perfect Marquette grapes were for the Avon Valley and Nova Scotia terrior.  


The right grapes are the foundation for our great wine. The Marquette grape's ability to fully ripen in our climate means we can reach and go beyond quality benchmarks for making a truly great Nova Scotia red wine. ​Bent Ridge was the first vineyard to grow Marquette grapes and remains the largest dedicated grower of Marquette grapes in Atlantic Canada.  


Thomas Laszlo


Thomas Laszlo joined the Bent Ridge team in 2017 as our trusted consultant.  Our process has been perfected through various techniques Thomas has acquired during his 25+ years in the industry.  In his earlier years, Thomas held the position as Technical Director at Chateau Pajzos and Megyer, two of the top producers of Hungary’s famous Tokaji Aszú.  Thomas moved on to consulting for some time, but again found himself abroad as the Head Winemaker at Heron Hill Winery located in the Finger Lakes region of New York State.  

During his eight years there, he focused on cool climate varieties with a special emphasis on producing several styles of outstanding Riesling that garnered praise and attention by the world’s top wine critics. After 13 years out of the country, Thomas and his family decided to move back home to Niagara. Thomas is also currently the Head Winemaker on a part time basis for Gallucci Winery located north of Toronto. Thomas has won numerous awards, but his crowning achievement was attaining a perfect score of 100 points for his 1999 Chateau Pajzos Tokaji Esszencia from the world’s most influential wine critic, Robert Parker Jr. Scores in the high 90s are usually reserved for wines in the $1,000 per bottle range. 

Thomas is currently the only winemaker in Canada that was a 100-point score from Parker.